Top 4 Phone Tracker Apps That Track Your Cell Phone Location

Mobile device tracking software helps keep your family and digital devices safe. Track your phone with the app to ensure the safety of your children or in case you lose your device. The best part is that many tracking apps are cheap or free for a limited time. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about them. A comprehensive guide to the best smartphone device tracking apps is provided here.

For monitoring the target device, the top four phone tracker apps are listed below.

1. With the uMobix Phone Tracker app, you can see where your phone is:

You can use the excellent location tracker app uMobix to locate your phone in a variety of situations. Additionally, this phone tracker app can monitor your husband, children, and friends. The fact that this tool provides more than just location tracking is the best part. View messages sent and received on your mobile device with it.

You can also access your family’s call logs through the app to see who they are talking to. Additionally, view pictures sent to your loved one’s phone number. Because of this, many people use Mobic to monitor the phone usage of their children. This tool is also used by spouses for anxiety and other issues.

Simply install this monitoring application and sign up for an account on the Mobi website. Then utilize the mobile phone tracker application on the objective gadget with the significant accreditations. You won’t want to miss any important events because this tool gives you live updates every five minutes.


  • North of 40 elements including call following.
  • Viable with all gadgets.
  • Join doesn’t take long.
  • Offer a free trial.


  • Some features can only be used with Android.
Top-4-Phone-Tracker -Apps-That-Track-Your-Cell-Phone-Location

2. Find My iPhone – Track iPhone Area for nothing:

The “Find My” app that comes with every Apple device makes it simple to track your location. Therefore, no external GPS tracking software needs to be downloaded.

When you open the “Find My” app, all your connected devices, and their locations, will be displayed to you. By activating location sharing from your device and adding them to your Family Sharing plan in iCloud, you can easily track someone without their knowledge. Every time you open the “Find My” app, you can see where the person is currently located because of this.

The fact that phone tracker software provides additional options is its greatest strength. Play a sound on your lost device, for instance, using the “Find My” app on your phone. This is useful for looking for specific home appliances. You can also mark things as lost and remotely wipe phone data.


  • Free.
  • Works with all Apple devices.
  • Provides live location tracking.
  • Useful for tracking someone without their knowledge.


  • You need another iOS device to use this app.
  • iCloud must be enabled.

3. Google Maps:

Although Google Maps may appear to be an unconventional phone tracker, it is useful when you do not require any other tracking features. You can use this app to find your friends and family. The fact that this app makes it simple to use GPS to track your Android phone is cool. The stage gives live area refreshes.

The app has a variety of maps that cover every detail. You can seamlessly see exactly where your device is. Additionally, most Android phones come pre-installed with Google Maps, eliminating the need to download the application. Due to its ease of use, a lot of people use it.

Track someone without their knowledge using Google Maps. However, for tracking to begin, the phone must be accessed at least once. This is because the app needs to always use the device’s location. Additionally, you must provide us with the tracking link. You can connect Android and iPhone devices with this tool.


  • Free GPS live monitoring app that comes pre-installed on most smartphones.
  • Share your location with Gmail contacts.


  • The user will see that their location has been shared when they open the Google Maps application.

4. With GEOfinder Phone Tracker, you can stay in touch:

Another great app that makes it easy to track your phone in a matter of seconds is GEOfinder. The fact that this tool is a phone number tracker is its greatest strength. As a result, you won’t have to worry about enabling location access on the devices of your family members. Likewise, you don’t have to download any application on the objective telephone for following.

Open the GEOfinder website using the browser on your laptop or mobile device. After that, select the “Search” option and enter the individual’s phone number in the search tab. Monitoring their phone number signal, lets you know where the person is. Finding the most precise location for your loved one is simple.

To track the individual, however, you will need to create a custom message. A link that the individual must click on will be included in this text. To obtain your phone number’s location information, click the link. Fortunately, your message does not reveal your identity.


  • Offers unlimited location requests Send messages anonymously.
  • It is simple to customize the text for tracking, and it gives precise location information.


  • If the individual does not click the link, tracking is impossible. A message can be sent every three hours.

Which method of location tracking should you use?

Utilizing a GPS monitoring app is the most effective method for tracking people. They anonymously disclose the precise location of the device. Because it gives users access to live location data, this tool is superior to phone number tracking applications.

Furthermore, live location tracking is an excellent family locator. If you’re using a remote phone number tracker, you won’t be able to access the actual location because background information is usually accessible.

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Top 4 Phone Tracker Apps That Track Your Cell Phone Location

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